Luke Smith Design
Project: Various

Category: Latest selected Design projects

Roxette Good Karma poster
Roxette Good Karma poster
Roxette 'Good Karma' album poster
Ignite logo
Ignite - 360 degree artist launch platform logo
Death Team logo
Death Team logo
Feder Website
Feder Website Design
The Pit logo
The Pit logo
Feder Blind
Feder 'Blind' Remix EP artwork
Warner Music Promo CD
Warner Music 2015 ADE Promo CD
2 Tone Red
2 Tone Red 'Luna Side' single artwork
KPP Tshirt
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu logo design
KPP Tshirt
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu logo design
KPP Poster
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 'Pika Pika Fantajin' album poster
Slipknot poster series
Slipknot 'The Devil in You' poster series
Major Lazer Peace is The Mission poster
Major Lazer 'Peace is The Mission' NL poster
Foals premiere quad poster
Foals 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall' premiere quad poster
Typographic Overlays
Birdy typographic overlays
Iphone & Ipad
Birdy GIF generator web design
Black Dog Barking deluxe packaging
Airbourne'Black Dog Barking' deluxe bundle packaging
Airbourne bandana Press Shot
Airbourne 'Black Dog Barking' Fangs Bandana press shot
NoNoNo Pumpin Blood EP
'NoNoNo' Pumpin Blood International EP Artwork
Deception posters
'Deception' poster series exploring myth and misconceptions
Chewing Gum poster
Lightning poster
White Lies Front Cover
Little White Lies book exploring lies, deception and myth
White Lies spread
White Lies centrefold
ISTD Front Cover
ISTD 2013 'One Day' submission
ISTD Spread
ISTD Spread
ISTD Spread
MoCycles logo
MoCyles logo