Luke Smith - Graphic Design
Posters & Typography
Project: Various

Category: Typography


A selection of posters and typography
Deception posters
'Deception' poster series exploring myth and misconceptions
Chewing Gum poster
Lightning poster
Deception Type Specimen
'Deception' Type Specimen
Slipknot poster series
Slipknot 'The Devil in You' poster series
Slipknot poster
Slipknot poster
Foals Live At The Royal Albert Hall premiere
Foals 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall' premiere
Foals premiere quad poster
Foals 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall' premiere quad poster
Foals premiere poster series
Major Lazer Peace is The Mission poster
Major Lazer 'Peace is The Mission' NL poster
Roxette Good Karma poster
Roxette 'Good Karma' album poster
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 'Pika Pika Fantajin' poster